The 7 foods to lose weight after 40

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When hormone imbalance and stress increases, it is common to see people over 40 to gain weight, accumulating fat around the waist. As a Health Coach I recommend you make small changes at a time. Exercise to strengthen your muscles since they help you burn calories. Attempt eliminating sugar, including artificial sweeteners. Lastly, add these 7 foods in … Read More

Antibiotics that harm you?

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  Taking too many antibiotics could be the reason why you are gaining weight, feel depressed, have arthritis, allergies or even can’t sleep at night. You might need an antibiotic for some disease, but not for chronic diseases (cancer, diabetes, obesity, heart conditions). Every time you take an antibiotic, the good bacteria that lives in your gut dies. … Read More

You can avoid chronic diseases!

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Diabetes, heart conditions, cancer, and obesity are classified as chronic diseases. Each day there are more adults and children are suffering from chronic diseases. Half of all adults in the US, that is 117 million people and 1 out of 4 children, suffer from one or more of these diseases. Do you know you can avoid them? By … Read More

Find Balance in a balanced way

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When you work you wish you had time to enjoy life. When you retire you wish you had a job to feel useful. When you want to lose weight you get on a drastic diet to lose in 10 days what you have gained in 10 years. You then stop dieting and gain more than you what you … Read More

Today is the day

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It’s great that you are here!  Today is the day. There is something you want to change, you might want to lose weight, have a better position at work, have a better job, get into a romantic relationship, get in shape, improve your spiritual life, lower stress, go on a vacation, have time to have fun, etc. What … Read More

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