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Recent posts

It is not easy

For many, life is not easy, it's complicated. Sometimes resorting to some kind of addiction. Others live on the edge of despair. Sometimes we blame those who wounded us and forced us to addiction, sometimes... Read More

Another urinary infection?

Urinary tract infections can be caused by different situations. Although there are antibiotics that help you fight them, consider the following advice, because taking antibiotics too often, affects your microbiome (all organisms that live in... Read More

Choco Guava cupcakes

I continue my series, Have Your Cake and Eat it Too.  This time I show you how to make these chocolate cupcakes without any processed flour or refined sugar. You can enjoy them without feeling... Read More

This Christmas, Have Your Cake

This Christmas, you can have your cake and eat it too. Start the day with this muffin, which is completely healthy. They are high in fiber and nutrients. They are easy to make. You can... Read More

Cutest Little Balls

Today I want to give you, my Cute Little Balls, a guilt free cookie recipe.  You can now have your cake and eat it too.  These cookies have no processed flour nor any refined sugar,... Read More

Are your addictions legal?

When we hear the word addiction, we tend to think of illegal drugs. What about legal addictions? Those are worse, because being legal, they are accepted. If you think about it, they're worse, much worse.... Read More

Recent podcasts

CERO estres 022 – Los carbohidratos

Existen diferentes tipos de carbohidratos, unos que nos ayudan a obtener energía mientras que otros afectan el nivel de azúcar y contribuyen al desbalance hormonal. En este episodio explico cuales son los carbohidratos que... Read More

CERO estres 020- pruebas para la fertilidad

(Español) Una de cada tres parejas tiene difultad saliendo encinta. Existen muchas causas que influyen en la salud de una mujer que desea ser fertil. En este episodio explico 7 pruebas diferentes que puedes hacer... Read More


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Webinar: Balance Hormonal SIN Estrés

You can watch the replay of this webinar here (in Spanish)
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Webinar: Como Bajar Estrés

You can watch the replay of this webinar here (in Spanish)
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