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Detox your armpits?

There are several toxic chemicals that find some way into our bodies. Some are in the air and in the environment, others are in the detergents, makeup and even in the antiperspirants used. One way you can help your body is by detoxing it.... Read More

Look for the Root Cause

You feel depressed, anxious and you can't sleep well. Then you find out that you also have a thyroid condition and high blood pressure. You go to different specialists and each doctor prescribes a different medicine for each one of these conditions. Because drugs... Read More

I Have to Work and Can’t Concentrate

Days go by and anxiety builds up. Sometimes you feel depressed, and since you don't sleep well, your mental capacity deteriorates. To top it off, if you don't have the necessary nutrients and vitamins, because you have not been eating well, your mental and... Read More

Avoiding It is Better than Fighting It

Why wait to be sick to then react and fight a virus? After studying for years about nutrition and analyzing numerous studies on vaccines, I came to the conclusion that the best way to fight viruses, such as influenza, is to improve my immune... Read More

Learn how to buy yogurt

If you believe what the label says on the front of a product, and what ads and commercials in the media say, sit down before you continue reading. What really matters is the information written on the label on the back of the product.... Read More

Depression, no longer a disease

Every day is a celebration day, where we have the opportunity to start, continue, grow, share, learn, laugh, love. However, it is difficult for many to continue, to pretend they are celebrating, when they suffer from depression. They have been taking prescription drugs for... Read More

What is the answer?

In a study done in Japan, found that concentration and precision increase when jasmine essential oil is applied in a diffuser at the office, reducing errors by a 33%. If you want options, there are several essential oils that allow concentration to improve, like... Read More

Do you clean with toxics?

Would you fill your car or house with lots of people smoking cigarettes? Of course NOT.  You already know smoking cigarettes causes cancer. Then, why would you clean your house with detergents associated with cancer, respiratory problems, allergies, reproductive problems and other health conditions?... Read More


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Webinar: Balance Hormonal SIN Estrés

You can watch the replay of this webinar here (in Spanish)
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Webinar: Como Bajar Estrés

You can watch the replay of this webinar here (in Spanish)
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